Why PooMoji is the Best

Our icons are better and quite frankly, we're twisted in a fun sorta way… just like you.

  • 60+ Copyrighted Icons with more on the way
  • Animated icons (now available) are addictive
  • We listen to fan requests (if they don't suck)
  • Smiling Poo + other random icon doesn't cut it

How it works

PooMoji works like your favorite iMessage apps or custom keyboards. Check out the video to see how easy it is to use.

PooMoji App ScreenShots

Check out some of our screenshots. This app is fun and surprisingly addictive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to life's burning questions about this $#!+ and that $#!+

What the &%$@! were you guys thinking?

Deep in the recesses of our depraved minds is this fascination with the art of Poo. While we are busy working on bigger and better projects, we knew that people were laying in bed (or sitting on the toilet) posting stickers without having the cast of PooMoji icons to really get the job done. We feel better knowing the world is a better place with PooMoji for the masses.

You're missing icons. Can we make suggestions?

We love a good laugh, so if you've got an idea for an icon or a famous $#!+ we somehow missed, send it our way. We'll give you a shout out in the App updates. Please go to our Facebook page and submit your suggestions.

Have you thought of making celebrity icons?

Yes. We're pretty sure we're going to get in big trouble over those if/when they get released.

Can I get a PooMoji icon printed on a t-shirt?

Yes. If you are interested in a specific icon, let us know and we'll work with you to get it taken care of. We own a t-shirt printing company so it won't be an issue.

Now Available FREE!

Get what will soon be one of the most talked about Apps on iTunes.
Sure, it may be a sign that the Apocalypse is near, but at least you can laugh about it.